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Selfie Show EP

by Angelo Romano

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Selfie Show 03:55
Today, outrageous sun, tries to find its own way as I am deep down the metro (imagine what a strength) Today, empty train, emptier than ever been as I stare at these seats (wasted, wasted eyes) Today, Russian girls, stretching tourist lips their telephones like rifles (boom, boom, flash parade) A selfie show A selfie show A selfie show A selfie show (egocentric smiles: the plot) Today, precarious lover just trying to find a match as I get lost into my dreams. (vintage, vintage man) Today, crowded square tourists filming all they can as I realize I'm simply gone (flocculent materialism) Today, Russian girls blonde hair, taking pics I don't get what's the point of this (what the hell what the hell) The end, the end of innocence has the sound of silence black colour, the taste of blood and salt. A dead end street with no beginning and no end a song of sorrow plays, empty voices speak, useless words appear to fill the vacuum of what is lost. No cherries and no pie, no sugar in the night, an instinct to control, a brain to keep afloat. A selfie show.
We are floating on a satellite Living over a random lie Never ready, never right We are cheating on our world Killing our dreams, serving lies Never ready, never right And the finger of the cheater is a chord more than a whisper the leading tune to impunity We are breaking down our throne Our conquers will be just gone Never ready, never fine We are tearing down our sky spreading rumours, faking cries Never ready in hindsight And the message of the dreamer is an ultrasound, not a jitter the faint melody of modernity So burn your map, lady, we need to forget borders, we need to be to one another just like friends, just like lovers and if you're not ready, you must be ready, you will be ready, if you're not already and if you're scared, just don't be scared, my ship has been sinking like forever. I'll wait for you at the bus stop, or anywhere nearby, or wherever love might come; and you'll witness the decay, the frames, lights are on, the frames, the curtain falls, the frames of our decay. If you ever like this fucked modernity If you ever understand this modernity If you ever got what's right and wrong If you ever got what's the point If you ever got the sense of this If you ever got why this wall If you ever got why all this hate If you ever got the indifference If you ever got the ship so unsteady If you ever got the guns, violence, darkness If you ever got the meaning of this fog If you ever got the deniers of everything If you ever got the hate sellers If you ever got the nationalists If you ever got the cold wars If you ever got the border drawers If you ever got the next dictators If you ever got the liars, the fake ones If you ever got the tears we keep inside If you ever got the businessmen If you ever got the emotions gone If you ever got the minor thing If you ever got the final words If you ever got the delay If you ever got the ocean If you ever got it someday You won't surely miss The frames of our decay And I wish I were you without the need to think of myself... And the curtain falls.
Portbou 03:44
Drinking people, not a plain thought, killing neurons like this winter and my soul, drugs of poison spilling into heavy skins like this water rebuilding a grape of rocks. No surprise here can be surprising, nothing important or exceptional to me, I'm checking out the borders of my life, breaking windows, tearing my wagon apart and getting off, getting off from this kind of jail and getting off, getting off to realize where to stay. (where should I stay?) Stairs and mirrors reflecting an abandoned place where the mountains pretend to meet the sun Stairs and mirrors reflecting an abandoned place where the mountains pretend to meet the sun in Portbou...
This is a wartime soundtrack straight from this modern age where everyone is enslaving himself again. This is a wartime soundtrack straight from the rebel firm where every brand means fire to me This is a wartime soundtrack straight from the age of media where you can die on TV: nobody would really care This is a wartime soundtrack struck by careful claims where everyone is believing every truth. This is a wartime soundtrack straight from the darkest rooms where they're hammering another nail This is a wartime soundtrack straight from the coldest town where nobody will ever listen to you, where nobody will offer you an applause. The rope is unraveling, let’s sing Feng Shui. We need another howl…


Recorded and published in 2018, "Selfie Show EP" was born out of Angelo's disillusionment regarding the modern society we live in. Four songs, two of which entirely new, that turn out to be a personal sketch of the decline of human values. From the narcisistic obsessions described in "Selfie Show" (the title track) to the anger and bitterness of seven-minute long yet truly powerful "Frames of Decay" (Angelo's favourite in the album), he also opens his songbook to bring back two songs that match perfectly the theme: "Portbou", a song against all frontiers of any kind (which is incredibly fresh when residing in Barcelona in the days of Catalan independence, Brexit and a widespread populist rise throughout all Europe and the world), and "Wartime Soundtrack", where Orwell (another man strictly linked to Catalonia, by the way) goes together with the Beat Generation and the refugee crisis.


released June 7, 2018

The Band:
- Angelo Romano: acoustic guitar, lead vocals, synthesizers, effects, electric guitar, backing vocals, megaphone vocals
- María Borrell: cello
- Francesco Brughi: electric bass

Additional artists:
- Maria Lebedeva: electric piano
- Paolo Licari: backing vocals on "Frames of Decay", electric guitar solo on "Wartime Soundtrack"
- Davy Lyons: backing vocals on "Frames of Decay"

Produced by Angelo Romano.
Recorded by Mariano Toledano at Akrasonic Productions, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat.
Mixed by Angelo Romano. Mixing assistance by Paolo Licari.
Mastered by Giuliano "Gius" Cobelli at Taak Studio, Barcelona.

Original illustration by Elisabet Solé Roca.


all rights reserved



Angelo Romano Barcelona, Spain

Born 1982 in Sicily, Angelo Romano is a singer-songwriter with a totally personal approach to music and arts. His life is kind of a weird storybook, with several cities all around where he spent some time and lived his life: from Pisa to Florence, from Ottawa to Amsterdam, from Groningen to Berlin, Utrecht and then Barcelona, where he is currently based. ... more

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